Moving to israel is an exciting and dynamic experience, but we cannot stress enough the importance of having your documents completed in a prompt and timely fashion.  

Completing your documentation must be a priority.

Below you will find a list of documents/forms along with a notation to whom it applies.

  • (P) means partial shipment
  • (C) means container shipment
  • (P/C) means both partial shipment and container shipments


Downloadable forms are highlighted in bold blue. To download "right click" the mouse and "Save link as..."

  • Contract (P/C) - This is essentially the quote put into a signature-ready document.  It specifies my obligation to you and the charges involved.


  • Invoice (P/C) - We will provide an invoice reflecting the charges and payments.  As you make payments or change information, We will adjust the invoice accordingly and forward you a new copy for your records.


  • Passport Number / Copy of Passport (P/C) - We will need a copy of your passport with your picture.
  • Employee Identification Number (P/C) - The EIN is needed only if you are shipping with a US passport and your shipment has a value of over $2500.


  • Shipping Inventory (P/C) - This is a list enumerating the items loaded into your container.  If you are loading your own container, We can provide you with a form to complete.  If we are loading your container, a list will be produced by our agent doing the loading. (Inventory)


  • Contact Information (P/C) - This is a list of basic information like - legal name(s) of shipper(s), addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, etc. 

    Even if you do not have a residence in Israel by the time your container is shipped, any address in Israel will be fine. Address changes can be made at the time of setting up delivery. 

    It is important to send me any Israeli address or phone number changes. You can call (04-957-6210) or email me the changes.

  • Limited Power of Attorney (C) - This document is required so that we can ship your container on behalf of you.  (LPOA)


  • Personal Effects Inventory (C) - This is a 3 page list, categorized by room, of items being shipped and their dollar value.  Most of this form can be completed at the point that you know what you are taking.  The last, and most important items to be completed on the form are 1) the amount of pieces being shipped, 2) container number, 3) seal number and 4) the dollar value of shipment.   (PEI)

    It is best if you send this form to me before the loading day with all the other information completed, allowing us to complete it with the last four pieces of information after your container is loaded.  


  • Insurance Form (P/C) - Although the insurance form can be completed on-line, you can also complete the paper form.  Most importantly are the Conditions and Warranties on pages 5 and 6.  Please take time to read and understand what is covered, and what is not covered in your insurance policy. (Insurance)




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