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Shipping Container


Shipping Container.

Container Shipment Sizes.   Shipping containers come in four sizes: 


  • 20' Container - 1000 cubic feet
  • 40' Container - 2000 cubic feet
  • 40' HC Container - 2400 cubic feet
  • 45' Container - 2500 cubic feet

Delivering your Container for Loading. 
  Most container

However, for locations further inland, the shipping lines provide containers through local rail depots.   This keeps transportation/
trucking costs to a minimum, and makes a container shipment throughout most of the United States affordable.

shipments originate within a couple hours of one of the
many ports throughout the United States and Canada.   


Services. We offer the following residential services when shipping a container:

All container shipments include delivery to your residence in Israel.

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Do You Need Insurance?   Insurance is insurance.   It would be inappropriate for me to advise whether you need, or do not need insurance.  This is a personal decision. 

If you do want insurance, make sure you complete the application online.  I will provide you will all the information needed to complete the application and will answer any questions along the way.  If you are not able to complete the online application, there is a paper form that can be completed.  It can be downloaded below, or on the "Documents" chapter.

If we do not receive a policy number from you, I will assume that you have elected not to get insurance.  

There is nothing I can do if damages occurred but no policy was procured.  

Two Types of Insurance.   There are two types of insurance - All Risk and Total Loss, and they are explained below.

All Risk Insurance. This insurance is only available if we are packing, or you are having your goods professionally packed.  With this insurance you can make a claim on individual items.  There is a $250 deductible with All Risk Insurance.
Total Loss Insurance. This insurance is available irregardless of who packs your goods.  This insurance covers the total loss of a shipment due to extenuating circumstances, as outlined on the last two pages of the insurance form. There is no deductible with Total Loss Insurance.

It is possible to have a All Risk policy for items that have been professionally packed and a Total Loss policy for the remainder of the shipment.

There are disclaimers and exceptions to both types of policies and it is best that you read through everything carefully.  The insurance application may be downloaded here (Insurance).

It is extremely important that you understand what is covered and what is not covered.  

The Process.   The process of getting an insurance policy is totally simple.   Just follow the steps below.

1.  Go to >

2.  On the menu on the left, under "Online Tools" click on "Personal Effects Form"

3.  For New Applications - press the "Continue" button

4.  Complete the form.   The fields in the upper half of the application are easy and obvious to complete. You can complete the lower application with the following information:

    ~ Name of Moving Company : Avaya Logistics LLC

    ~ Date of Shipment : (one week after your pick-up date)

    ~ Currency of Inventory : US Dollars

    ~ Pick-Up Date : (the scheduled date of your pick-up) 

    ~ Mode of Shipment : Sea

    ~ Goods to be shipped from (Country) : US or Canada

    ~ Goods to be shipped to (Country) : Israel

    ~ Coverage Type : "All Risks" or "Limited Coverage" or commonly 
        known as "Total Loss" 

    ~ After you have read the relevant scope of coverage of the 
       "Conditions and Warranties" check the checkbox and press the 
       "Continue" button.

5.  Insert the "quantity" and "unit price" of each item you want insured

6.  Save the "Application and Inventory Number" for the future

7.  When complete press the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page

8.  Read the information in the box. You can view your input by clicking "Application Form

  (Fields, quantities and values can be changed up until the next step.) 

9.  When you have completed the form to your satisfaction, press the "Continue" at the bottom of 
     the "Cumulative Form". 

Questions?   Insurance is an important part of your shipment, so if you have any questions - please call or email.



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Spcial Rates On Full Container Loads From China


Import from china

Avian Transport entered in to a new partnership venture with Veritas Logistics LTD,

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